Some of the best bread you’ll ever taste! Don’t take our word for it, check out the Times Union Table Hopping Review and our Facebook reviews.

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The Carla:  This bread is milder and lighter in texture than our other breads with mostly white flour.  It has a touch of freshly milled whole wheat for flavor. The crust is lighter in color than the Zeta and features a medium amount of sesame seeds.  The Carla is very similar to typical Italian style bread, but better!

The Zeta: Sporting 30% freshly milled (in-house) whole wheat, the Zeta is more flavorful than the Carla with a slightly nutty and sweet flavor (much like “Wheaties” cereal).  It is also very slightly more dense with a darker and more heavily seeded (sesame and poppy) crust.

The Lila: 75% semolina flour, which is a coarser mill than typical flour and uses a different kind of wheat called Durum.  Semolina is used a lot in making pasta.  This bread is denser than the Carla and Zeta, and will remind you of a cream of wheat or corn bread texture.  Some have said it’s their new favorite!

Bread Delivery – One Time

Amazing, fresh, 100% organic bread delivered free to your home, or work — you pick the week of delivery.  You will be emailed/texted your delivery day on Monday evening.  If you are interested in never missing out on your weekly bread, get a subscription. 

If you want to learn about why we are priced the way we are, go here.  The Carla, Lila, and Zeta are $7.50 with free shipping, while Breads of the Week are higher because of ingredient costs.

Order two loaves a week for 10% off.  Three loaves a week are 15% off.

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Hot Crispy Oil

A unique recipe of blended extra virgin olive oil, fresh fried garlic, shallots, and chili peppers makes for the perfect combination of heat and flavor.  Use as a delicious dipping sauce for our bread!  NOTE:  You MUST be receiving bread next week to get it delivered. We are only offering it as an add on to your bread order.


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Possible Breads of the WeekChanges weekly and as a “one-time” order only.  These loaves tend to be 30% heavier than our normal loaves, and usually incorporate pricier ingredients.


The Pilgrim: Cranberries, apples, sage and rosemary makes an incredible flavor combination!

Cheddar Jalapeno: Loaded with over 1/3 pound of Cheddar and just the right amound of Jalapeno makes a delicious bread to pair with chili!

— Mocha Loca!  Packed with chocolate chips, coffee, oats and sunflower seeds.  Described by the Bread Maiden as “so, so good”.  It’s a special treat for breakfast or dessert!

–Focaccia!  Topped with Parmesian cheese and Italian spiced, and then smothered in garlic infused olive oil.  Cut in strips for instant amazing breadsticks or between the top and bottom for a base for a delicous sandwhich.  These are a BB favorite!

— Rye bread! 30% organic in-house milled rye with just the right amount of caraway seeds.  The seeds are soft and don’t ruin the texture like other seeded ryes.  This makes the best toast and is my favorite all-time rye.

— Sourdough! Our sourdough has more complex flavors than most “one note” sourdoughs available in stores and with a moderate amount of tang and crust color.  It would be amazing used as a grilled cheese or any number of uses, not to exclude toast and butter!  It takes two days to develop the taste before baking, which is why you can’t get this anywhere else.

— Cinnamon raisin bread!  Decadently full of raisins with just the right amount of cinnamon.  We’ve had rave reviews are proud to offer this again.

— Garlic Pecorino bread!  Lots of garlic baked into the loaf with Pecorino Romano cheese, oregano, and freshly ground black pepper. Makes instant garlic bread when toasted with butter.  (Not for consumption by vampires)

— Muffaletta inspired loaf!  The Muffaletta sandwich originated in New Orleans at Central Grocery and consists of olive salad and Italian charcuterie. There are many variations, and ours is no different.  We have paired down the ingredients and changed the ratios to make a delicious bread plain, toasted with butter, or open face with melted cheese.  This is a heavier than normal loaf and full of goodies. Expect a little spiciness, but don’t ‘letta that scare you.  Salami, olives, onions, capers, pepperoncini, garlic powder