What Services Do You Provide?

We bake great bread and deliver to your front door once a week.  Currently bake and delivery days are Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  We hang the bread in a bag on your front door knob or where ever you instruct us to from your order.

Where and When We Deliver

 (All over the Capital Region!  Please contact us if you are near the border and we can possibly expand our delivery region.)

 Our Philosophy

We want to make the best bread you have ever tasted.  We deliver it directly to your home within hours of baking it.  You receive the freshest, most delicious bread without having to make a special trip to get it.

Our Bread

All of our bread is organic, hearth baked, and uses a “starter.”  The whole wheat flour we use is milled in-house the day of baking, which enhances flavor.  Because our bread is produced in small batches and not on a conveyor belt (higher labor), and uses organic flour (3-4 times the cost of regular flour), you may find our prices are slightly higher than “artisan” supermarket breads….but wait until you taste the difference!  Supermarket breads can sit on shelves for days before you purchase them.  In fact, breads that are “baked on premises” of most supermarkets are already pre-baked in an industrial bakery before being final baked at the grocery store.

Subscription / Weekly Delivery

Because we bake only the amount that is ordered, we cut down on waste.  The benefit is that we won’t run out of product, like a traditional retail bakery so you will always get the fresh bread you desire.  Also, because of our delivery algorithm, we can deliver much more efficiently than if all of our customers drove to a retail space.  It saves you money and time, while is much more convenient!

How it works: If we are delivering to your house, you don’t need to be there.  If you don’t give us delivery directions, we will just tie the bread bag to your front door knob.  We can also put your bread in a bag hanging on your door, in a cooler on your porch, or wherever you wish.  Just let us know in your order details!

On Vacation: If you are out of town and wish to skip a week, email us and we will take care of it.  You will get all of the loaves you paid for!

What if we don’t deliver to your area yet?

There are a couple things you can do.  The most helpful to us is if you make a new account and enter your address.  That way we know exactly where to plan our next delivery route.  If we have no potential customers in areas, it doesn’t make sense to service those areas.  We can then email you when we are delivering in that area.  The second thing you can do is email us and ask.

Discounts / Pricing

Delivery is included in the price.  Tipping is not required, but appreciated!  Discounts are given if  you order 2 or more loaves at the same time.  The discount automatically shows up in your cart.

Your pricing is more than the grocery store:  There are a few factors to our pricing.  Organic flour costs 3 times (!) regular flour.   That’s why it can be difficult to even find organic bread.  Our breads take 2 days to make plus a 24/7 schedule to feed the starter.  Typical bread takes a couple hours.  We make our bread in small batches with care, plus mill our own whole wheat flour.  The “better” loaves of bread at the store cost $5-$6, are not organic, and are made in large industrial facilities.  Now add delivery to your home or workplace on the day of baking, and you can see that we are actually under priced for what you get! This is all not even including the difference in taste.

Use and Care of Bread

Slicing: Currently we are only offering whole, unsliced loaves.  However, we have bought a few of these knives and recommend them, especially considering their current price point ($17).  These knives are incredibly sharp and will make short work of slicing without tearing or crushing the bread.

Storage: Believe it or not, the best way to store your bread is to not store it at all!  Leave the bread unwrapped on your counter. Once sliced, place the cut side face down on your cutting board.  This will keep crust crisper.  Storing in a refrigerator and/or sealed plastic bag is not recommended. While a bag may keep the bread moist, the moisture tends to condense on the bag and deposit on the crust, leaving it rubbery.  The Bread Butler’s bread will not mold if left out!  If the bread dries out too quickly, for instance in the winter when the air is drier, you might consider storing in a bread box, or keeping it in the perforated bag that it is delivered in.

Storage (Long term): Freezing is possible.

Eating: Try eating the bread plain!  I know it sounds crazy, but you will taste all the flavors and you might just love how delicious it is, unadulterated.  It’s also amazing toasted with butter, or open faced in a toaster oven with cheese, or cheese and tomatoes, or salami, cheese and tomatoes, or…..?  Garlic bread with the Italian version. Cold sandwiches are also excellent on these breads.

Life cycle of bread: 

First hour or two: Bread is still warm from the oven.  The crumb will not have “set” yet and may be soft.  The flavor of the bread is not as noticeable yet.

First day: Crust is crisp. Crumb (interior) is moist and custardy/soft in texture. 

Second-third day: Bread flavors intensify and become better!  Crust becomes soft, crumb dries somewhat. Many people prefer bread during this time.  Toasting can bring crust back to a crunchy texture.

Fourth to seventh day: If your bread hasn’t been devoured yet (!)…..  Bread will dry out some depending on how humid it is, but still be good.    

At some point, the bread will be drier and harder than desirable.  You might want to try using the bread for a bread soup, or croutons.   Some dogs LOVE chewing/eating the bread at this stage.  You can also wet the crust slightly and let it sit for an hour.  This will make very hard bread edible again.  If you want a crunchy crust, toast it!