If you want a good way to keep getting the same delicious bread every week without having to remember (and then possibly forgetting), then a subscription is the way to go.  Add as many loaves and types of loaves here and they will show up in your cart.  They will renew every Saturday morning and be delivered the next week.  If you want to change your subscription, just go here to cancel your subscription and then make a new subscription order from this page.  Bread of the Week is not currently available as a subscription.

You may also order one time orders separately or in the same order, and we will deliver those on the week you select.

The Carla:  This bread is milder and lighter in texture than our other breads with mostly white flour.  It has a touch of freshly milled whole wheat for flavor. The crust is lighter in color than the Zeta and features a medium amount of sesame seeds.  The Carla is very similar to typical Italian style bread, but better!

The Zeta: Sporting 30% freshly milled (in-house) whole wheat, the Zeta is more flavorful than the Carla with a slightly nutty and sweet flavor (much like “Wheaties” cereal).  It is also very slightly more dense with a darker and more heavily seeded (sesame and poppy) crust.

The Lila: 75% semolina flour, which is a coarser mill than typical flour and uses a different kind of wheat called Durum.  Semolina is used a lot in making pasta.  This bread is denser than the Carla and Zeta, and will remind you of a cream of wheat or corn bread texture.  Our early testers have said it’s their new favorite! Only available as a one time order currently.

Weekly Bread Delivery Subscription

Amazing, fresh, 100% organic bread delivered free weekly to your home, or work. You will be emailed/texted your delivery day on Monday evening.

With a subscription, you are guaranteed weekly delivery.