Order 2 loaves and get a 10% discount. 3 or more for a 15% discount!

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Amazing, fresh, 100% organic bread delivered free to your home, or work — you pick the week of delivery.  You will be emailed/texted your delivery day on Monday evening.  If you are interested in never missing out on your weekly bread, get a subscription. 

If you want to learn about why we are priced the way we are, go here.  The Carla, Lila, and Zeta are $7.50 with free shipping, while Breads of the Week are higher because of ingredient costs.

Order two loaves a week for 10% off.  Three loaves a week are 15% off.

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Amazing, fresh, organic bread delivered to your door!

The Carla: Almost entirely made with white flour, this bread is milder and lighter in texture than our other breads.  It is ideal for mopping up sauces and using for sandwiches with milder ingredients where the bread is more in the background.  It has a touch of freshly milled whole wheat for flavor. The crust is lighter in color than the Zeta and features a medium amount of sesame seeds.  The Carla is very similar to typical Italian style bread, but better!

The Zeta: Sporting 30% freshly milled (in-house) whole wheat, the Zeta is more flavorful than the Carla with a slightly nutty and sweet flavor (much like "Wheaties" cereal).  It is also very slightly more dense with a darker and more heavily seeded (sesame and poppy) crust. This bread makes amazing sandwiches!

Bread of the Week: Changes weekly and currently limited quantity.  Week of 7/20 is raisin bread!

Order two loaves a week for 10% off.  Three loaves a week are 15% off.

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Week of Delivery

11/30 – 12/4/2020, 12/7 – 12/11/2020, 12/14 – 12/18/2020, 12/21 – 12/25/2020 (Delivered 12/22-12/24)

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The Carla, The Zeta, The Lila, Cheddar Jalapeno, Cinnamon Raisin, Focaccia, Garlic Pecorino, Mocha Loca, Rye, Pilgrim, Sourdough, Tomato Basil